Princess Chelsea

We Were Meant 2 B

We Were Meant 2 B features on the soundtrack to the 1988 coming of age motion picture "Against The Odds" and is available on the album "The Great Cybernetic Depression"

Director - Simon Ward
Producer - Jonathan Bree
DP - Alan Waddingham
Camera Op - Eoin O'Liddigh
Focus Puller - Tom Neunzerling
Camera Assist - Connor Strati
Grip - Daimon Wright
Art Dept - Kenah Trusewich, Alex Guthrie and Fergus Burnett
Stunt Rider - Sid 
Costume / Styling - Vincent Lum, Chelsea Nikkel
Chelsea wears Ruby
Makeup and Hair - Katie Melody Rogers
Additional Photography - Simon Ward


Cast - Frances, Sam, Rose, Joe, Oscar, Vincent, Reuben, Chris

Special thanks to The Lum Family, Lawrence Mikkelsen, Selwyn College and NZ on Air.