Golden Axe

Space Fire

The virtual and the real collide in this video for NZ-based psychedelic synth-warriors Golden Axe. Stroll the cosmic catwalk, relax and enjoy the view as director and band take you on a journey to worlds unknown - accompanied by the band's catchy synth-metal riffage and keyboard solo-shreds. Space Fire is 2.22 of condensed pleasure, imagination and epic-ness taken from their latest album Liquid Bacon (Amdiscs - free/donation download:

Golden Axe recently toured the EU as a part of the 2012 Amdiscs Summer Showcase, playing alongside Horse Head and the infamous Anklepants at the recent Noisekolln x Amdiscs x Helldrop / #gHashtag event at Raum as well as this year's Creepy Teepee festival - seriously bringing the party with their furious beat-driven, super-catchy style. The duo is raring to come back for more - in the meantime you can experience the magical video for Space Fire!


Space Fire from the album Liquid Bacon - AMDISCS label 2012 

Directed by Simon Ward 

Visual Effects by Simon Ward, Richard Pilkington, Kenny Smith, Daif King and Chris Cudby

Made with funding from NZ on Air 

AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label